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Technology Hubs

Many challenging research projects within the BIFTM programme rely on the tailored development of beyond state-of-the-art enabling technologies. This is particularly true in the areas of screening, imaging, advanced polymers and microsystems, as well as microfluidic bioprocessing systems. The development of these technologies requires expertise and infrastructure from multiple disciplines and technology areas, which need to be effectively and efficiently coordinated. Technology Hubs represent our solution to this challenge. The Hubs are not infrastructural elements per se, but rather coordinated networks distributed throughout the different parts of the programme.

How do these Hubs work practically?

First, the “Hub coordinator” is approached by a PI with a particularly challenging research project. The coordinator then organizes the combination of expertise and infrastructure specifically required by that project, which is directly available within the Hub network. In a situation where the required technology is not available, the coordinator engages the network to develop the missing technology element, or even to  recruit new expertise from other areas of the programme. Thus, our Technology Hubs ensure that the challenges posed by our research projects constantly push the development of beyond state-of-the-art enabling technologies, in a very flexible and cost effective manner.Technology Hubs


Currently, the programme has established 4 Technology Hubs: