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Principal Investigator Institute  Research
Barner-Kowollik, Christopher   KIT Macromolecular Material Design
Bastmeyer, Martin   KIT / ZOO Cell and neurobiology
Blattner, Christine KIT / ITG Stem cells - p53 - DNA damage
Bräse, Stefan   KIT / IOC and ITG Combinatorial chemistry
Breitling, Frank   KIT / IMT Chip-based peptide libraries
Brenner-Weiss, Gerald   KIT / IFG Analytical Biochemistry
Bruns, Michael KIT/IAM-ESS Chemical and morphological characterization of surfaces, spectroscopic methods
Cato, Andrew KIT / ITG Molecular mechanisms of steroid hormone action
Davidson, Gary KIT / ITG Signal transduction pathways in stem cell control
Delaittre, Guillaume KIT / ITG Biohybrid Nanoarrays for Biotechnological and Biomedical Applications
Dickmeis, Thomas KIT / ITG Metabolism and development
Foulkes, Nicholas KIT / ITG Circadian biology
Franzreb, Matthias   KIT / IFG Physical and chemical interactions at boundaries
Geisler, Robert KIT / ITG Functional genomics in the developing zebrafish
Gerthsen, Dagmar   KIT / LEM Lab for electronmicroscopy
Gescher, Johannes KIT/IAB Applied Biology
Gliemann, Hartmut KIT / IFG Chemistry of oxydic and organic interfaces
Gottwald, Eric   KIT / IFG Cell chip 
Guber, Andreas   KIT / IMT Microfluidic and biosensoric
Hubbuch, Jürgen KIT/BLT-MAB Biopharmaceutical Process Engineering, formulation, bioprinting
Kassel, Olivier KIT / ITG Signaling and transcription control mechanisms
Kaster, Anne-Kristin KIT / IBG-5 Biotechnology and microbial genetics
Korvink, Jan KIT/IMT NMR Spectroscopy for Metabolomics and Signalling
Lahann, Jörg   KIT / IFG New polymers and biomaterials
Länge, Kerstin   KIT / IMT Biosensors
Lee-Thedieck, Cornelia  KIT / IFG Stem Cell – Material Interactions
Le Noble, Ferdinand KIT/ZOO and ITG Cell and developmental biology: Tip cell biology and vessel guidance in zebrafish; Wnt in Xenopus
Levkin, Pavel KIT / ITG Functional and stimuli-responsive polymer surfaces
Loosli, Felix KIT / ITG Cell polarity and proliferation
Luy, Burkhard   KIT / IBG-2 Liquid state NMR spectroscopy
Mikut, Ralf   KIT / IAI Biosignal analysis
Nesterov-Müller, Alexander KIT / IMT Engineering of high-density molecular arrays
Niemeyer, Christof KIT / IBG-1 Biomolecular Micro- and Nanostructures
Nienhaus, Gerd Ulrich   KIT / APH Molecular and cellular biophysics, biophotonics
Orian-Rousseau, Véronique KIT / ITG  Cell surface receptor signaling
Paur, Hanns-Rudolf  KIT / ITC Air-liquid interface cell exposure systems
Pylatiuk, Christian KIT / IAI Automation of zebrafish handling and microscopy
Rabe, Kersten KIT / IBG-1 Molecular Evolution
Reischl, Markus   KIT / IAI Image processing and data-mining
Schepers, Ute KIT / ITG Chemical biology
Schwartz, Thomas   KIT / IFG Biofilms, stress response, functional analyses
Sleeman, Jonathan KIT / ITG and UHd Cancer stem cell and metastasis research
Strähle, Uwe KIT / ITG Neural stem cells and muscle repair
Syldatk, Christoph   KIT / BLT Enzyme technology and technical microbiology
Theato, Patrick KIT/ITCP Preparative Macromolecular Chemistry
Ulrich, Anne   KIT / IBG-2 BioNMR
Weiss, Carsten KIT / ITG Nanotoxicology and stress signaling
Welle, Alexander   KIT / IFG ToF-SIMS, Cell culture scaffolds
Wenzel, Wolfgang   KIT / INT Biomolecular structure prediction
Wöll, Christof   KIT / IFG Surface chemistry






Updated: March 2019