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Next Generation Sequencing and Genomics Facility

The Massive Parallel Sequencing Core Facility of the BIFTM research program at KIT proposes a wide range of deep sequencing applications, from library preparation to data analysis. These services are not only available to the researchers involved in BIFTM programme but are also available to the scientific community in Germany and world-wide.

Our portfolio includes: 
  • Transcriptome sequencing (mRNAseq and RNAseq)
  • Small RNA sequencing
  • Genome resequencing: DNAseq
  • ChIPseq
  • Targeted exome enrichment followed by DNAseq
  • De novo genome and transcriptome sequencing


For detailed information on technologies and terms of use please follow the external link:

Core Facility Next Generation Sequencing.  




Fig. 1: Base quality score over
sequencing cycles in a paired-
end run 2x 50 bases
Fig. 2: Gene-annotation enrichment
analysis from a list of upregulated
genes in the regenerating zebrafish
Fig. 3: Our sequencing machine